This site, just launched in April, 2013, for writer, John O’Dowd, was conceived and designed for the purpose of bringing together all of his over two dozen online interviews and articles to one location. He wrote each article or interview about noted actors and recording artists and I designed their look on the web. is built in WordPress and, as intended, provides a much more efficient way to display his work.  As he continues to write articles or interview other celebrities, this new work will be added to the site.

John’s writings have also appeared in many magazines such as, Filmfax, Outre, Discoveries, Motown Chatbusters, Phantom of the Movies’ Videoscope, Cult Movies, Chiller Theatre, Femme Fatales, Weird NJ, Glamour Girls: Then and Now, and Psychotronic Video, as well as on the Internet. Additionally, he has written a book about Barbara Payton titled, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, The Barbara Payton Story” which was published in 2007. The cover for the book and it’s web site to accompany the book at was designed by

John O’Dowd says:

For nearly ten years now, I have been fortunate to utilize Lynn Powell Dougherty’s artistic expertise and technological acumen to help me showcase my literary endeavors online, and it is been an enjoyable professional alliance of which I am most grateful. Lynn is a true master at her craft, and her keen artistic eye and unwavering perseverance and professionalism are second to none. I hope that Lynn and I can continue to work together for many more years because her work is absolutely impeccable. She is extremely talented, and as far as I’m concerned, she is nothing less than a genius at web design. Thank you, Lynn, for all your wonderful efforts on my behalf. – John O’Dowd 

You can see the site here: