is a fan site dedicated to the actor, Stephen Moyer.  He is a star on HBO’s True Blood program and his career has included many other films, TV shows, as well as, performances on the stage.

Launched in 2010 with my co-owner, Shadaliza, has become the ultimate resource for Stephen Moyer’s career and life. We are in close contact with Mr. Moyer and enjoy presenting his work to the public and to all of his fans.

The site is built using WordPress and was updated at the in May, 2015. We’re proud to say that it includes the only fully sanctioned biography of Mr. Moyer available on the internet. It has an avid fan following and we provide all social networking using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. In addition to the design and build of the site, we are also proud of the funds we have raised for his various charities.

You can see this site here: