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dec2012mesmallAs her marketing skills and avid interest in Internet web design grew, Lynn Powell Dougherty established LYNNPDesign in 1999. She has been making websites since that time and has been owner of her own site, Classicmoviefavorites.com and co-owner with Shadaliza of  two big True Blood sites: The Vault – TrueBlood-online.com and AllStephenmoyer.com. Both websites combined attract 2.4 million visitors a year and generate over 4 million page views. She has been able to build up her clientele and has provided information about her other work in the portfolio section.

Having earned her B.F.A. in painting from The University of the Arts (UArts) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she has an excellent education in the arts. In her career, Lynn has managed offices in several architecture firms where she has gained valuable business experience. She has also worked in college enrollment management where she learned marketing skills in the highly competitive field of college admissions. She used her marketing skills to help UArts enroll larger and better classes every year.

While she continues to use html, since 2008, she has built web sites using the content management system WordPress which uses PHP, a server-side scripting language designed for web development. Lynn has vast technical knowledge and experience, which coupled with her art training and strong sense of design, will ensure that your presence on the web will display a professional and powerful location in which to grow your web presence. In addition to the above, her skills include Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO, and Project Management

Lynnpdesign’s main objective is to work quickly and accurately to assist you by offering all levels of service from initial design to ongoing maintenance .

Read what her clients have to say about Lynnpdesign in the Services area.

Let your web site demonstrate how the internet can, by using multimedia concepts that are not available in print, thrill and meet the needs of your current and new customers.


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